Technology Bulletin Board Ideas

Technology bulletin board ideas are very common nowadays since the world is very much technology oriented. A technology bulletin board will surely provide various knowing to the students regarding the field. Some interesting ideas for this include the technology career bulletin board, terminology bulletin board, as well as the keyboard layout bulletin board.

Computer Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards serve a variety of functions, from purely aesthetic to the dispersal of information. Computer bulletin boards work well in a computer lab or at a computer station in a regular classroom. Determine the purpose of the bulletin board before beginning the design. Incorporate bright colors with the computer theme, but limit the decorative elements to avoid the board becoming a distraction in the room.

Technology Bulletin Board Ideas

Early computer history documentation often credits Charles Babbage with creating the earliest calculating machines, the precursors of modern computers. Provide students with pictures and age-appropriate information about early calculating machines, mainframe computers and the first personal computers in the form of a timeline of computer history on the bulletin board.

Technology Bulletin Boards

Careers in computers involve varied fields such as education, business and forensics. Display age-appropriate information about these careers on a bulletin board. For young students, simple information such as years of college required to work in the field and the names of different positions provides adequate bulletin board details. For older students in secondary and post-secondary schools, include details such as numbers of jobs per area of the country, salary information and day-to-day duties for the job.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Computer Lab

Learning common computer terms provides students a greater understanding of technology as a whole. These terms offer an advantage as the students grow older and need to know the system in greater detail to work on more advanced projects. Create a bulletin board based on age-appropriate computer technology. For younger children, include a picture of a computer and add labels with the correct names of the computer parts. Include more detailed computer terminology for older students, such as bit, byte, CD-ROM and commands.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Technology Class

The layout of the keyboard presents a learning opportunity for beginning computer users. Mastering the location of the keys allows students to type quickly, a useful skill as they advance through school and adulthood. Use squares of white paper to re-create the computer keyboard on a bulletin board. Write the letter or label for each key on its corresponding square of paper. Place the squares in the correct order on a bulletin board with a dark-colored background. The visual reminder provides review opportunities for the students.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Technology

The bulletin board can also be used to guide students in proper computer use with age-appropriate rules and requirements. Younger students need information about dependable sources for information and appropriate websites for searching. Older students need this information as well as information about the correct way to reference information used for researching projects and reports.

Computer Technology Bulletin Board Ideas

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