Valentine Bulletin Board Ideas

Valentine bulletin board ideas can be used in any school or library environment for the Valentine celebration. Some great themes include the chocolate box, “love is in the air”, “love around the world”, as well as the heart shape décor.

Valentines Bulletin Board

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers; it’s a day that can be enjoyed by all. Decorating for this day of love is more than cutting out hearts and pasting them together. By adding some super sweet touches to a Valentine’s Day bulletin board, you can bring warmth and love to a child’s classroom, your home or even the office.

Valentines Bulletin Board Ideas

A box of chocolates is hard to beat, and a display of a gigantic box of chocolates is even sweeter. Wrap a large rectangular bulletin board in red velvet to mimic the inside of a box of chocolates. Trim the board with wide satin ribbon in a favourite colour around the edges and perimeter to create the box’s border. Create round, grapefruit-sized “chocolates” out of dark brown construction paper. Glue sprinkles, nut shapes or confetti to the circles to create an assortment. Glue the “chocolates” in rows across and down the board. Glue red ribbon on a diagonal across the “chocolates.” Create a headline out of white or red colour paper that says “2 Sweet 2 B 4 Gotten” and paste across the top of the bulletin board.

Valentines Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Valentine Bulletin Board Ideas 1

“Love is in the air” features Cupid flying through the air in a miniature, heart shaped, hot air balloon. Cover a bulletin board in sky-blue paper or fabric. Paste puffy clouds of cotton in the background. Create a basket by weaving construction paper in a basket weave pattern and paste it on to the blue sky background. Cut out a red Cupid from construction paper and stick him inside the basket. Attach a heart-shaped Mylar balloon with string or wire. Cut out text for a headline that reads “Love Is in the Air.” Add some birds or cute hearts with wings and paste them in the air.

Valentines Bulletin Boards

Valentine S Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Cover the surface of a bulletin board with white paper. Gather a bunch of cleaning sponges that have been cut into heart shapes and several small containers of brightly coloured paint. Have children help decorate the bulletin board with spongy heart shapes by dipping the surface of a sponge in one colour of paint and applying it to the white paper. This decoration can also serve as an attractive background for attaching notes and important announcements at the entrance to a classroom or school.

Valentine Bulletin Boards

Valentine Bulletin Board Ideas

Another theme is “love around the world” which is rather popular among school’s library for celebrating the Valentine’s Day. This is a great way to get kids involved with the bulletin board, have them take ownership and even have them learn a few foreign words along the way. Using a foreign language dictionary or the Internet, look up foreign words for love or the phrase “I love you.” You can start by asking the children what their ethnicity is and using those countries as a jumping-off point. Ask the students to write down the words on pieces of construction paper. If you wish to make this more of an art project, you can have the children decorate the word with glitter and stickers as well. When the children finish, put the words on the bulletin board for a reminder of what Valentine’s Day celebrates.

Valentine Day Bulletin Board Ideas

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