Valentines Day Bulletin Board Ideas

One great idea for decorating the bulletin board is by using the Valentine’s Day bulletin board ideas. Many different styles can be utilized for this kind of decoration. Some examples of these ideas include the conversation hearts, love language, as well as the love mailbox board.

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers; it’s a day that can be enjoyed by all. Decorating for this day of love is more than cutting out hearts and pasting them together. By adding some super sweet touches to a Valentine’s Day bulletin board, you can bring warmth and love to a child’s classroom, your home or even the office.

As a classroom Valentine’s Day idea, cover a bulletin board in pink paper or fabric. Create a big headline in red type across the top of the bulletin board that reads “Wouldn’t You like to Know Who These Sweethearts Are?” Cut large hearts out of fabric or different colour red material. Paste into the centre of each heart a photograph of the school’s current teachers when they were children. The kids can test their guessing skills all day long.

Conversation hearts are a traditional Valentine’s Day treat, so use these as inspiration for your February bulletin board theme. Use pastel collared paper to create heart-shaped cut-outs to mount on the board. Then, inscribe typical conversation heart words and phrases like “Be Mine” on the front of the hearts.

To make the hearts more personal, write the names of the students in your class instead of the Valentine’s Day words and phrases. Mount the hearts on the board, and then write something like “Our class is the talk of the town” or “Giving our school something to talk about” across the top of the bulletin board.

A staple Valentine’s Day tradition is to allow the students in your class to exchange Valentines greetings on the big day. Create a bulletin board for the month of February where you can hang personalized “mailboxes” for each child in the class to give and receive valentines in an organized fashion.

Take some class time to decorate white envelopes that will serve as each student’s personal mailbox. Provide decorating materials like markers, glitter and stickers for each student to include his name and personalize the mailbox. Mount the envelopes on the bulletin board, and then use it on Valentine’s Day as the valentine delivery centre.

You can also create a bulletin board that has an international focus. Look up different ways to say “I love you,” in a variety of languages from all over the world. For the base of the bulletin board, use a world map or use paper to make your own representation. Use pink and red string and pushpins to mark each location you plan to include. For instance, if you are going to write the phrase in French, choose a country or countries that speak French to mark on the map using the string and pushpins to connect the location to the written phrase.

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