Welcome Back Bulletin Board Ideas

Welcome back bulletin board ideas tend to be a great theme for most schools’ bulletin board for welcoming students back to their schools and enjoy the new school year. Some of the greatest ideas for this include the open-the-door-to-a-new-year theme, as well as the take-a-walk-down-learning-lane theme.

Welcome Back School Bulletin Boards

Welcome students back to school with a bulletin board that catches students’ attention, informs and entertains. You can create these simplistic boards quickly with items easily created, inexpensively obtained or already on hand. Use inexpensive butcher paper or fabric remnants for the background and let the board contents provide the main focus.

Welcome Bulletin Board Ideas

Greet students with a large replica of your last name in the form of an acrostic poem. Reveal some things about yourself to students in the acrostic as a form of a get-to-know-you activity. During the first week of school, have students create their personal name acrostics. Instruct them to include biographical information so that students get to know each other. For younger students, take diction and write words for them. Display all acrostics on the bulletin board.

Welcome Back Bulletin Board

You can also create a large map of the school on the board. Use words and pictures to represent all areas such as the grade-level halls, special areas teachers such as art or music, the library, cafeteria, playground, office and gym. Take pictures of the staff that work in these areas and post those pictures on the board. Include a short description of what students do or how they use each area on the map.

Welcome Back To School Bulletin Board

Furthermore, you can title a bulletin board “Take a Walk Down Learning Lane” on which you create a scene that appears to have a walk way through a forest or garden. Primary school requires that concepts from a wide range of subject areas that include the arts, health and current events be taught along with the basics. Give your students a glimpse of the learning to come by creating this board and posting informative pictures and signs along “Learning Lane” that describe all the exciting lessons and activities to come.

Welcome Back Bulletin Board Ideas

Open the door to a new year is perhaps the best used for children in the older elementary grades or junior high school grades. On a bulletin board, paste five to six oversize cut-outs in the shape of keys. On each key, write a value or trait that you would like each of your new students to exhibit throughout the course of the year. Examples of traits include caring, honesty, respect, attention, etc.

Welcome Back Bulletin Boards

An autumn-themed bulletin board is perfect for the back-to-school season and works well at nearly every grade level. Using a rich brown as your backdrop, visit your local craft store and purchase inexpensive synthetic maple tree leaves in shades of yellow, orange and red. On each leaf, write the name of each new student in your class. Allow each student to go “pick” their leaves as they enter the classroom for the first time. Afterwards, they can place their leaves on the front panel of their desks, helping teachers to remember new students’ names.

Welcome Back To School Bulletin Boards

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