Work Bulletin Board Ideas

Work bulletin board ideas tend to be a trend nowadays in various work offices. Some good ideas of this kind of bulletin board are Feng Shui related bulletin board, company policies themed bulletin board, as well as the safety themed bulletin board.

Work Bulletin Boards

Employers and workers both use bulletin boards in the workplace to communicate important information like how to file reports, when meetings will take place or what to expect at annual evaluations. However, you can also utilize bulletin boards in the workplace to boost morale and increase rapport between employees as well. A few basic ideas may be the way to create a more interesting bulletin board in your workplace.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Work

The workplace sometimes is stressful, not just because of the work, but because of interpersonal conflicts. The website suggests integrating humour into your workplace bulletin board to combat this problem. For example, you can post funny cartoons (they don’t need to be work related) or a joke of the day. Another option is to post funny anecdotes. These may be fictitious, but it may help your employees from taking themselves too seriously if you make the anecdotes about the employees, so long as they are true and not malicious. If you use this option, it’s a good idea to have a few guidelines in terms of what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for the board. For example, you may want to forbid jokes or pictures containing nudity or sex, or you may want to avoid stories that contain violence.

Good Work Bulletin Board Ideas

Many offices are opting for Feng Shui d├ęcor because it creates a calming, productive work environment. Cover your board in a light blue or green piece of fabric, and glue or staple slender arrangements of artificial flowers or greenery on the right and left sides of the board, over the fabric. Print a heading for the board such as “Announcements” on a high-quality light-coloured paper, and place it to the top left. Print a short quote or poem related to work, staying motivated or finding inspiration, and place it on the bottom right.

Office Bulletin Board Ideas Work

If you have company policies that you want to make sure each and every employee follows, place that information on the company bulletin board. This is more effective than handing out a flier or company handbook because those items will likely get thrown away or tossed in a drawer. Posting the information on a bulletin board leaves it within the sight of most employees each and every day.

Office Bulletin Board Ideas

While different employees have different schedules when it comes to day-to-day meetings, there are some events, such as company holidays and the company picnic, in which everyone participates. Post a monthly calendar that details company-wide events. Another idea is to list different department events on the calendar. Assign each department a colour and write the events in each department’s corresponding colour.

Work Bulletin Board Ideas

A safety bulletin board is a good way to remind every employee about safety practices and policies. The board can contain printed copies of the company’s rules of safety and should feature a specific safety concern and solution each week. In addition, the manager or employees involved in safety training or compliance should have access to a recognition system that can be included on the board. For example, when a manager or another employee sees someone do something that is consistent with safety policies, the manager can post a “safety star” on the board with the person’s name on it. Assume the business is a restaurant and there is a spill in the dining room floor. One employee observes another quickly placing a wet floor sign over the spill and working to get it cleaned up. The observing employee reports the action to the manager and requests a star for the board of the safety-conscious worker.

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