Writing Bulletin Board Ideas

Writing bulletin board ideas can be very inspiring to students since they can obtain a lot of ideas as well as inspiration from this source of afflatus. Some good ideas include the gallery board, poem related themed bulletin board, as well as the writing display board.

Kindergarten Writing Bulletin Board Ideas

While writing may not be as visually appealing as other works of art, creations of this form are still worthy of display. Many student authors are proud of their work and want to share it with their peers. Teachers can enable their pupils to showcase their work through the creation of writing display bulletin boards. These classroom decorative displays enable teachers to present their students’ writing to the public, allowing all to see the talents of the young writers.

Writing Boards

One of the simplest ideas to display student writing is to turn your bulletin board into a jumbo-sized model of what the students might have at home. Make a banner heading that reads “The Fridge” and decorate your bulletin board like the front of a refrigerator using monochrome fadeless paper–it’s your choice of black, ivory, white or whatever fridge colour you prefer. Make it look real with a handle down the side and display exceptional papers in an informal pattern using mock magnets to hold them up. Be sure students know that The Fridge is a place of pride.

Writing Bulletin Boards

One bulletin board theme that can make writing, especially creative writing or poetry, fun is the coffee house. Make up your bulletin board like the local coffee house or a beatnik poetry pad from the 1950s. Give the coffee house a clever name and put it across the top banner. Then do your bulletin board up in browns and blacks, with coffee shop accents like menus and pictures of scones or cups of java. Then display student poetry as the “featured artists of the night” on the bulletin board.

Bulletin Board Ideas For Writing

Another engaging idea is to have your bulletin board themed around a particular type of writing or a specific author. You can create a bulletin board with Shakespeare and have students write one-act plays, or focus Poe and have them write short stories that are spooky and dark. Put an image of the author at the top, along with pertinent facts of his life. Feature a famous poem, story or play in the centre, and have student work orbit around the central piece.

Writing Bulletin Board Ideas

For a bulletin board that can be used as more of a gallery, have each student type a poem onto a sheet of paper. The poems can be on a specific topic so that they each are different versions of the same main idea. This can give the students a chance to look at how other writers interpret things differently. They then can paste their poems onto small black construction paper. Then, paste the poems onto the board.

Writing Displays For Classroom

Teach students about cultural literature by having them write a short story or poem using one sentence in another language or cultural elements in their work. Assign each student a different country and ask them look at that country’s ways of life, words and ideas. This will inspire them to think on a global level. Then, have the students cut out little photos of the countries they were assigned. Have them post the poems or stories to the bulletin board, with the country tacked to the side. Each student can see what everyone else wrote about.